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Led by Sanctuary for Families, the Incarcerated Gender Violence Survivors Initiative (IGVSI) is a collaboration among legal and social services organizations, law firms, advocacy groups, former judges, formerly incarcerated survivors, and other individuals committed to assisting survivors of gender violence incarcerated in New York State.


1. Provide top-quality pro bono representation to survivors involved in the criminal justice system, in matters including bail, defense of criminal charges, hearing or trial testimony, cooperation with law enforcement, appeal, parole, clemency, and sentencing and sentencing reduction under New York's recently-enacted Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act (the "DVSJA").

2. Engage in advocacy to improve the justice system’s response to gender violence survivors involved in the criminal justice system.

3. Provide education and training on issues of gender-based violence for those involved in decision-making such as prosecutors, parole boards, and judges, as well as those providing representation and support such as defense attorneys and advocates.

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